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If you use an older and unsupported macOS version, you can try version 4.0.0.

Changes in 2017

New in 20170330:

  • Preferences window toolbar now has pop-up menu short-cuts to display particular tabs within a category. The button icon can be pressed for normal behavior, and the menu portion can be used to go directly to a tab.

New in 20170324:

  • Support for Voice Over and related technologies has significantly improved, as accessibility descriptions have been added to a wide variety of user interface elements. Voice Over will now clearly identify the effect of any control (such as, the group of settings that the control belongs to). Also, some controls that previously had no label at all are now identified by Voice Over.

New in 20170307:

  • Fixed keyboard navigation behavior when using Full Keyboard Access in some panels of the Preferences window and corresponding sheets. Previously, there were locations that stopped recognizing Tab key-presses.
  • Fixed a few remaining cases of incorrectly-rendered focus rings when using Full Keyboard Access to activate controls in the Preferences window and corresponding sheets.

New in 20170112:

  • Fixed terminal view text selection in the scrollback buffer, which was off by one line in some recent builds.
  • Fixed terminal view text selections to correctly auto-scroll the terminal in either direction when moving past the top or bottom.