Older Releases

Changes in 2020

New in 20201208:

  • Vector graphics windows now have more contextual menu commands.
  • Vector graphics windows can now be zoomed back to 100% using a new "Actual Size" menu command.

New in 20201130:

  • Terminal views now render Sixel graphics much more quickly.

New in 20201125:

  • All icons now use system-provided symbol artwork on macOS 11 "Big Sur".
  • Alert messages have a new style, and on macOS 11 they now use larger buttons.

New in 20201001:

  • Preferences window Formats pane now has a "Mouse Pointer Color" setting, with Red (default), Black or White options.

New in 20200908:

  • Floating keypad windows have a new appearance.

New in 20200727:

  • Sessions can now have an associated Macro Set, which becomes the current set when the session first runs.
  • The current macro set is now tied to the active terminal window, and is automatically restored when switching windows.

New in 20200502:

  • Macros can now be invoked by toolbar items. Each item is bound only to a particular macro number, dynamically showing its action in the toolbar (as you switch to different macro sets).