Older Releases

Changes in 2017

New in 20171216:

  • Terminal view image-rendering performance has been improved.
  • Terminal view selections containing images can now be dragged.
  • Clipboard window now accepts image drags as a short-cut for Copy. (This is in addition to existing support for dragging text as an alias for Copy.)

New in 20171215:

  • Fixed case where Clipboard window did not update itself after a Copy was performed.
  • The Copy command now works for terminal view selections that contain an image: the entire image is put on the Clipboard in its original form (regardless of how much of the displayed image is highlighted), similar to "Save Selection" behavior.
  • Contextual menus now filter their commands if a terminal selection contains an image.

New in 20171213:

  • The "Save Selection" command in the File menu (and corresponding contextual menu command) now automatically prompts to save an image format instead of text if the highlighted range contains any bitmap images. The entire original image is used, regardless of how much of the image is selected; also, the saved image will have the detail and dimensions of its original data format, without any distortions that may have been introduced by the in-terminal rendering.
  • Help has been updated slightly to describe recent image-related extensions.

New in 20171211:

  • Terminal views can now display inline bitmap images that follow the protocol used by iTerm2, which is generated by tools such as "imgcat" and "imgls". (This is in addition to recently added support for Sixel data.) MacTerm does not currently download data into files; it will only display images that have been marked as "inline=1". Most iTerm2 image display parameters are supported.
  • Data sent using iTerm2 escape codes will now be read instead of being echoed, although initially only images are supported (above).
  • Preferences window Terminals pane Emulation tab now offers the tweak "iTerm Graphics", which is enabled by default.

New in 20171210:

  • Terminal views can now display inline bitmap images expressed in the Sixel format from the VT300 series of terminals. While this first implementation is NOT optimized in any way (and therefore can be slow for larger images), it should reliably render a wide variety of images in this format. It is not currently possible to customize the behavior of the renderer except by specifying standard Sixel parameters. There is a minor known issue with scrolling that can be avoided by using a raw dumping program such as "cat" to send Sixel data; for example, it is better to "cat" data from a file or pipe data from a conversion program to "cat".
  • Preferences window Terminals pane Emulation tab now offers the tweak "VT340 Sixel Graphics", which is enabled by default.

New in 20171129:

  • Fixed case where drag-and-drop highlight was not completely erased.
  • Fixed slight alignment problem with certain animations such as "Find Cursor" and search results.
  • Terminal view cursor rendering has slightly changed after internal improvements to the handling of shapes. The cursor now has a nicer fit with surrounding text.

New in 20171018:

  • Macros menu now displays the names and key equivalents of inherited macros when non-Default sets are in effect, prefixed by "(Default)". This clarifies behavior that has always existed: any menu item "slot" not filled by a particular macro set will continue to allow the Default action for that slot. This allows you to define a combination of behaviors: things you always want available (that you mark as Inherited in other sets), and things that are unique to a selected macro set. Note that technically inheritance is defined on a per-setting basis so you have the option of having a set that inherits an action but changes the corresponding key equivalent, for instance.
  • Contextual menus that display macros (when text is selected, for example) will now also display applicable macros inherited from Default.

New in 20171016:

  • Macros with an Action of "Open URL", "New Window with Command" or "Select Window by Title" are now always enabled in the Macros menu, even if no terminal window is active.
  • The "Select Next Macro Set" and "Select Previous Macro Set" commands in the Macros menu are now always available, even if no terminal window is active.

New in 20171012:

  • Fixed missing animations on macOS High Sierra.

New in 20171008:

  • Changed main application icon artwork and added a much larger rendering that is visible in certain places such as Quick Look.

New in 20170925:

  • Fixed major problem with process launch failures on macOS High Sierra.

New in 20170807:

  • Six new default color schemes have been added, for a total of 10 schemes. These will NOT be automatically installed unless there are NO other custom Formats in your list (or you are a new user). You may also download the schemes individually from https://www.macterm.net/extras/. Multiple files can be easily installed at once by dragging downloaded ".plist" files onto the MacTerm application icon in the Dock.

New in 20170723:

  • Preferences window collection list can now be resized horizontally.
  • Preferences window collection list now has a more modern appearance, with embedded icon buttons.
  • Preferences window Macros pane macro list can now be resized independently, and the macro editor is resizable.
  • Preferences window Workspaces pane Windows tab window list can now be resized independently.
  • Preferences window search field has moved into the toolbar, and the bottom bar has been removed.
  • Preferences window help button has moved into the lower-right corner of the panel region.

New in 20170709:

  • Fixed Preferences window Macros pane so that the panel shows the settings for the selected macro even after the list has been sorted differently.
  • Fixed Preferences window Workspaces pane Windows tab so that the panel shows the settings for the selected window even after the list has been sorted differently.

New in 20170708:

  • Fixed Print Preview keyboard focus chain (allowing the slider to be activated using the keyboard, for example).
  • Print Preview now shows only two decimal places for font sizes inserted by moving the slider.

New in 20170705:

  • Popover windows and sheets can now be resized.
  • Popover window and sheet appearances have been slightly tweaked.
  • Find dialog now spawns a window with a more normal button layout.
  • Rename dialog now spawns a window with a more normal button layout.
  • Server Browser expanded layout has slightly changed.

New in 20170627:

  • Fixed a possible crash triggered by moving the parent window of a sheet.
  • Fixed a possible crash triggered by immediately closing a sheet that had just opened.
  • Fixed zoom animations that kept the last frame visible.
  • Animations for opening sheets now display a complete picture of the content instead of just a frame.

New in 20170607:

  • Fixed a problem where animation frames would always have rectangular corners, even for shaped windows.
  • Animations are generally faster now.

New in 20170515:

  • Fixed Undo and Redo commands in certain text fields such as the floating Command Line.
  • Undo and Redo can once again be used for changes made with "Custom Screen Size…".
  • The "Custom Terminal Setup…" command has been removed (it was never implemented and always emitted an error sound when used). Several terminal settings can be changed dynamically using the commands in the Terminal menu. Screen dimensions can be changed with the "Custom Screen Size…" command in the View menu.

New in 20170511:

  • Macros with an Action of "Find in Local Terminal Verbatim" or "Find in Local Terminal with Substitutions" will now cause automatic scrolling when invoked, just like a normal search would do. This allows you to write macros that jump back to a certain point in the scrollback, for example, based on a pattern match.

New in 20170330:

  • Preferences window toolbar now has pop-up menu short-cuts to display particular tabs within a category. The button icon can be pressed for normal behavior, and the menu portion can be used to go directly to a tab.

New in 20170324:

  • Support for Voice Over and related technologies has significantly improved, as accessibility descriptions have been added to a wide variety of user interface elements. Voice Over will now clearly identify the effect of any control (such as, the group of settings that the control belongs to). Also, some controls that previously had no label at all are now identified by Voice Over.

New in 20170307:

  • Fixed keyboard navigation behavior when using Full Keyboard Access in some panels of the Preferences window and corresponding sheets. Previously, there were locations that stopped recognizing Tab key-presses.
  • Fixed a few remaining cases of incorrectly-rendered focus rings when using Full Keyboard Access to activate controls in the Preferences window and corresponding sheets.

New in 20170112:

  • Fixed terminal view text selection in the scrollback buffer, which was off by one line in some recent builds.
  • Fixed terminal view text selections to correctly auto-scroll the terminal in either direction when moving past the top or bottom.