Older Releases

Changes in 2016

New in 20161130:

  • Added "Select Next Macro Set" and "Select Previous Macro Set" commands to the Macros menu, for easier switching between macros.
  • The key equivalents for Delete key remapping commands have been removed, and now command-[ and command-] are used for the new macro-switching commands.

New in 20161129:

  • Fixed floating Command Line window so that pressing Return when the field is empty will send the appropriate new-line sequence for the target session instead of doing nothing.
  • Fixed floating Command Line window to also use the font, cursor color and text-selection colors from Default Format preferences (in addition to the existing use of foreground and background colors). This avoids contrast problems with certain default color schemes and gives the Command Line an appearance that is more consistent with a terminal.
  • Floating Command Line window now remaps Control-D for shell-like behavior, immediately sending all the text in the field (no new-line), followed by an end-of-file character. This allows shells to present multi-line completions, and allows other types of terminal programs to see an end-of-file (such as to terminate multi-line input or output).
  • Floating Command Line window now remaps Control-L, immediately sending a control-L character (no new-line). This usually causes the terminal screen to clear. Any command-line text entered so far is preserved.
  • Floating Command Line window now remaps the Tab key for shell-like behavior, immediately sending all the text in the field (no new-line), followed by a tab character. This allows shells to perform simple completions, and allows tabs to be typed into text editors. Since the Tab key has been remapped, the only supported method for switching keyboard focus within the Command Line window is to go backwards with shift-Tab.
  • Floating Command Line window now remaps command-Return to send text immediately WITHOUT a new-line at the end. This allows you to use the command-line window continuously no matter what the context (for instance, you can enter single-letter commands in terminal-based programs without adding a new-line).
  • Floating Command Line window now remaps the Delete key when the command-line field is empty, immediately sending the appropriate delete or backspace character for the target session (no new-line). If the target terminal is running a shell or other interactive program, this should cause an equivalent backspace by one. If the Command Line field is not empty, the deletion affects only the local field (as before).
  • Floating Command Line window now remaps the Escape key, immediately sending an escape character (no new-line). If for example the running program is the "vim" editor, this would cause a mode switch.
  • Floating Command Line window now displays "incomplete" text alongside the edit field if any text has been sent without a new-line (such as text sent by the new Tab key mapping). This text appears until the next Return key is pressed.
  • Floating Command Line window history now only stores "complete" commands (entered as one line with a Return when no "incomplete" fragments were sent previously).
  • Help has been updated to describe all the new key-mapping features of the Command Line.

New in 20161125:

  • The "Provide MacTerm Feedback" command (which launches a URL to help you compose E-mail) now tries to include the OS version and application version automatically. In addition, the E-mail trigger is now performed by a separate internal application that is sandboxed.

New in 20161115:

  • Preferences window has rudimentary (and experimental) support for the Touch Bar, initially only for Search.
  • Terminal windows have rudimentary (and experimental) support for the Touch Bar, initially only for Search and Full Screen.
  • Vector graphics windows have rudimentary (and experimental) support for the Touch Bar, initially only for Full Screen.

New in 20161031:

  • The "Make Screen Wider" and "Make Screen Taller" commands now cause a terminal window to adhere to the nearest screen edge if the right or bottom side of the window (respectively) is nearly touching the screen edge. The extra space is filled by the matte region, similar to how resizing behaves when the sides of a window are dragged with the mouse.

New in 20161028:

  • Preferences window search field can now be focused directly by using the Find command from the menu bar (command-F key sequence).

New in 20161027:

  • Fixed the rendering of focus rings when using Full Keyboard Access to activate pop-up menus, square buttons, color boxes and list views in various windows, sheets and floating keypads.
  • The minimum OS version of 10.10 is now enforced (previously it was specified in documentation but not necessarily required).

New in 20161024:

  • Fixed Find dialog to be less stubborn when the Escape key is used: now the window closes immediately and cancels any search text that had been entered, instead of requiring multiple Escape presses to clear the field and then hide the window.
  • Fixed Find dialog to not add text to the search history if the window is closed by the Escape key.

New in 20161023:

  • Preferences window "Export to File…" (unless requested otherwise) now includes copies of missing inherited settings from the Default for that preference category. This makes files easier to share, as they contain an exact snapshot of what was exported without any dependencies on the Default settings of the importing user.
  • Preferences window "Export to File…" now provides a checkbox in the save panel to control inherited settings: you can choose to copy the current Default values into the file for a perfect snapshot, or keep the previous behavior of only writing settings that are not inherited. Full copies may produce slightly larger files, and they do not make it easy to share settings between multiple collections.

New in 20161022:

  • Fixed the rendering of focus rings when using Full Keyboard Access to activate push-buttons and help buttons in various windows and sheets.

New in 20161018:

  • Fixed possible crash in Preferences window Macros and Workspaces panes, when clicking on table headings.

New in 20161017:

  • Fixed Preferences window General pane Notifications tab to show all available sound names for the bell setting.

New in 20161014:

  • Fixed "Network Addresses of This Mac" window to return correct results on macOS Sierra.
  • "IP Addresses of This Mac" is now called "Network Addresses of This Mac".
  • "Network Addresses of This Mac" window now refreshes its address list (asynchronously) whenever the system notes a significant change in the IPv4 or IPv6 configuration of the computer.
  • "Network Addresses of This Mac" window now has a toolbar, with an item for explicitly refreshing the address list at any time and an item for showing the status of any current query.
  • Macros of type "Enter Text with Substitutions" now recognize "\I" as a space-separated list of ALL current addresses for the local host. This allows you to send multiple address candidates to a script (say) in order to select the most appropriate address, whereas the "\i" sequence is limited to a single address that is chosen arbitrarily.
  • Macros using "\i" or "\I" now attempt to use cached results from the most recent address query. And, if the address list is in the process of being created or updated, they will now block briefly to increase the chance of using the most accurate information.

New in 20161009:

  • Fixed possible error when using the Open command to launch sessions.
  • Save Selected Text command now creates files with Unix-style line endings (LF characters).

New in 20161008:

  • Fixed Preferences window General pane Special tab, which crashed when using the stacking-origin "Set…" button.

New in 20161002:

  • Fixed highlighting for Find commands to correctly auto-scroll to matches in the scrollback buffer. Also, "Find Next" first visits all matches in the main screen top-down, before visiting matches in the scrollback bottom-up (newest first); and, "Find Previous" can be used to wrap around to matches starting from the top of the scrollback buffer.
  • Fixed the Preferences and Session Info windows on macOS Sierra so that tab-related commands are not enabled.

New in 20160927:

  • Fixed slight rounding errors in certain cases when reading color settings from Preferences.
  • Preferences window now supports import of ".itermcolors" files, such as the huge list of color schemes available at http://iterm2colorschemes.com/. From the Preferences window, you can click-and-hold the "+" button and select "Import from File…", then choose as many files as you want to import. MacTerm translates most colors directly, with a few exceptions: the text selection colors are used as blink colors, the background color is reused for bold background and matte, and the cursor text color is ignored. The name of the Format collection is derived from the file name (minus any path or extension), and any existing collection with the same name is automatically updated by future imports.
  • Import of ".itermcolors" files can also be performed by dragging one or more files to the MacTerm dock icon.
  • Import of ".itermcolors" files can also be performed by using a Finder contextual menu to "Open With" MacTerm.

New in 20160924:

  • Fixed possible exception during certain offscreen animations, such as search results.

New in 20160920:

  • Fixed possible crash in Print Preview on macOS Sierra.

New in 20160915:

  • Fixed click areas so that background windows are easier to select when sheets are open.
  • Fixed Rename command in vector graphics windows so that the panel does not reopen as soon as it is closed.

New in 20160911:

  • Print Preview has been converted into an entirely separate sub-process, for added stability. The preview stays open and can print even if MacTerm quits.
  • Print Preview has been sandboxed, having only the basic permission to print.
  • Print Preview is no longer a modal dialog; you can have multiple previews open at once, if desired.

New in 20160904:

  • Fixed high CPU utilization after opening the Custom Format sheet.
  • Preferences window Formats pane (and similar sheet) now has a more accurate preview display, including character width and custom cursor color.

New in 20160901:

  • Preferences window Formats pane (and similar sheet) now also has a sample area in the Standard Colors tab.

New in 20160827:

  • Fixed minor bugs in the behavior of sheets and panels.
  • Alerts have been reimplemented in Cocoa, which makes them look much better on Retina displays.
  • Alerts now have a different border style than other windows.
  • Animations are now slightly faster.

New in 20160523:

  • Terminal graphics characters now cover the entire "Braille" set of Unicode 8.0. Some terminal programs also use these dot patterns to simulate LED text displays.

New in 20160519:

  • Fixed background notifications to respect preferences.
  • Fixed background notifications to render the Dock icon correctly, and to show it every time there is a notification.
  • Preferences window General pane Notifications tab now describes Dock effects more accurately.

New in 20160424:

  • Preferences window now provides a "Copy Collection Settings to Default…" item (in the "gear" contextual menu).
  • Preferences window collection deletion button ("-") now displays a confirmation warning.

New in 20160405:

  • Fixed flickering and other graphical bugs that could appear in certain sheets.
  • Sheets have been shifted slightly to fit toolbars better.

New in 20160228:

  • The floating Command Line window now has an option to send input to all open sessions.

New in 20160223:

  • Popover windows such as the Server Browser now use the vibrancy effect instead of pure transparency.
  • Sheets now have a different border style than other windows.

New in 20160124:

  • Application bundle size has been reduced by over 1.2 MB after compressing the files that describe the graphical user interface.

New in 20160123:

  • Fixed potential crash in the Custom New Session sheet.

New in 20160117:

  • Fixed text selection tracking to not continue while a "Multi-Line Paste" message is open.

New in 20160107:

  • Preferences window has been reimplemented in Cocoa, which makes it look much better on Retina displays.
  • Preferences window now has a search field for quickly locating relevant panels.
  • Preferences panels that are collection-based now all support inheritance from Default. (Previously, this was only available for Format settings.) Note that it is important to observe when the "Use Default" box is checked for a setting because this means that the value is entirely defined by the corresponding Default setting and will update if the Default changes. To override a "Use Default" setting, simply change the value to something different. To restore a "Use Default" setting, click the corresponding box.
  • Preferences window Sessions pane Data Flow tab now provides a graphical interface for the "Automatically write to directory:" option that previously existed as a low-level setting for capturing files.

New in 20160102:

  • Fixed a recent regression in panel displays for certain preferences, such as the line-ending setting.