Older Releases

Changes in 2013

New in 20131230:

  • Fixed Preferences window "-" button to always delete collections immediately. Previously, in certain circumstances a collection could only be deleted if the "-" button was clicked several times.

New in 20131125:

  • Terminal window resize information is now displayed in a nicer-looking Cocoa window that has the black "heads-up display" style.

New in 20131106:

  • Fixed "Automatically Copy selected text" preference to perform a normal Copy and not an implicit "Copy with Tab Substitution". The presence of tabs was particularly surprising when selecting a line and pasting it at a shell prompt because the tabs had no obvious effect and the pasted line lost all of its whitespace.

New in 20131027:

  • Fixed a problem with the recognition of double-clicks and triple-clicks in terminal windows on Mac OS X 10.9.

New in 20131024:

  • Fixed possible crashes in certain rare instances of the following actions: searching for text, changing the font size, and changing the screen dimensions.
  • Fixed environment of first shell window to not contain any variables related to MacTerm or its Python interpreter.
  • Rebuilt for Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks". Since 10.9 is a free upgrade from Apple for users of Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" and beyond (the previous minimum supported by MacTerm), MacTerm now supports only Mac OS X version 10.9. (Note that MacTerm may happen to work on older OS versions for awhile but it is not officially supported. Future versions may stop working on these older OSes without warning.)

New in 20131005:

  • This is the LAST VERSION TO SUPPORT MAC OS X VERSIONS 10.6 - 10.8, because Apple is making Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" a free upgrade for users of these older OS versions. Please download "Mavericks" for free from the App Store.
  • Preferences window Formats pane has been extended to allow a custom color for the terminal cursor, as well as a checkbox to keep the current "automatic" color setting.
  • Terminal view cursor, if set to blink, is now visible for longer periods of time and the animation is smoother.

New in 20130825:

  • Fixed a possible hang when, for instance, pasting text containing high-plane UTF-8 sequences.

New in 20130720:

  • Fixed recent issue where "x-man-page" URLs would not open correctly.
  • Fixed the "\n" substitution sequence in macros to be interpreted as "the new-line mapping specified for the session"; in other words, it could send: CR, CR-LF, CR-NULL or LF, depending on the current setting. Note that if you wish to explicitly request a line-feed you can use "\012" in a macro, and if you wish to explicitly request a carriage-return you can use either "\r" or "\015".
  • Macros of type "Enter Text with Substitutions" now recognize "\s" as a verbatim expansion of the currently-selected text in the terminal (including any new-lines).
  • Macros of type "Enter Text with Substitutions" now recognize "\j" as a joined expansion of the currently-selected text in the terminal (where new-lines are stripped, to form one line).
  • Macros of type "Enter Text with Substitutions" now recognize "\q" as a joined and quoted expansion of the currently-selected text in the terminal (where new-lines are stripped and rudimentary quoting is performed, such as inserting a backslash before a space).
  • Macros of type "Enter Text with Substitutions" now recognize "\b" as a short-cut for backspace ("\010").
  • Contextual menus will now automatically display any named macro with an Action of "Enter Text with Substitutions" if it uses any of the new text-selection sequences above ("\s", "\j" or "\q") and there is currently text selected in the terminal window.

New in 20130719:

  • The "crosshairs" mouse pointer that is displayed for rectangular text selections in terminal windows now has a design that is similar to the new I-beam.

New in 20130716:

  • Fixed a possible crash if a terminal-based application attempted to modify certain colors in the 256-color palette.

New in 20130713:

  • Contextual menus are now Cocoa-based and they display the key equivalents of any relevant commands.

New in 20130709:

  • A smaller version of the new "I-beam" mouse pointer is now chosen for terminals that have small font sizes.

New in 20130707:

  • The "I-beam" mouse pointer shape has been completely redesigned for terminal windows. The new I-beam is red (for high contrast on colored terminals) and it is twice the size of a normal mouse pointer. The new I-beam also looks good on Retina displays.

New in 20130705:

  • If the "Review…" button is selected from the Quit alert, the resulting series of Close alerts will no longer be displayed with the standard alert-opening animation (since this adds too much of a delay to the sequence).

New in 20130704:

  • Fixed "Arrange All Windows in Front" to follow the stagger preference and keep windows from going under the menu bar.
  • Fixed "Arrange All Windows in Front" to stack windows on their own displays, never forcing a window back to the main display.
  • Fixed "Arrange All Windows in Front" to be aware of Spaces (now stacking only occurs for windows on the active Space).
  • Fixed window cycling to be aware of Spaces (now cycling only occurs between windows on the active Space).
  • "Arrange All Windows in Front" now stacks windows by size, to keep small windows from being covered by larger ones.
  • "Arrange All Windows in Front" now skips any window that would be placed partially offscreen after stacking, if it is already completely visible.
  • Window cycling with commands like "Bring Next to Front" is now significantly more useful. Windows such as Session Info, Preferences and the Clipboard are no longer skipped during cycling. Floating windows such as keypads are skipped during cycling because they all have menu key equivalents to focus them directly. In Full Screen mode, cycling is now automatically restricted to only visit Full Screen terminal windows.

New in 20130626:

  • Preferences window Macros pane now offers a new Action type: "Select Window by Title". When this type of macro is used, it finds and selects the next terminal window whose title contains the text of the macro (word or phrase). Since it always starts with the next window in the rotation, repeated invocations of the macro will cycle through all matching windows.

New in 20130620:

  • The font size recently added to print previews may now also be changed by a slider control.

New in 20130618:

  • Fixed the labels of the last two "Control Keys" palette buttons to use a caret (^) and an underscore (_), respectively.

New in 20130605:

  • The font size used to print may now be changed (though it defaults to the terminal font size, as before).

New in 20130515:

  • Fixed a serious problem where the oldest lines in very large scrollback buffers might not be displayed at all.

New in 20130506:

  • Fixed a possible crash when performing certain operations after terminal windows have closed. For example, "cursor shape" and other terminal preferences trigger updates to terminal windows; these updates previously had a way to reach closed terminal windows by mistake.
  • Fixed a problem where the "Flash" setting of the cursor could accidentally be changed when modifying only the shape of the cursor.

New in 20130501:

  • New low-level preference "no-animations" to disable superfluous animations (e.g. using "defaults write net.macterm.MacTerm no-animations -bool YES" from the command line, and restarting MacTerm). Currently used to control animations for closing and hiding terminal windows, and the animations of pop-over displays.

New in 20130421:

  • Fixed Find dialog to avoid some misleading "not found" messages.
  • Find dialog now provides an option to search all open terminals at the same time.
  • Find dialog case-insensitivity checkbox replaced by an item in the new "gear" menu.

New in 20130325:

  • Fixed Help so that search results are returned properly (this also fixes the "?" buttons in MacTerm).

New in 20130220:

  • Fixed the "Copy with Tab Substitution" command, which was leaving spaces intact instead of inserting tabs.

New in 20130205:

  • Version root has changed to 4.1; future builds will incorporate features intended for the upcoming 4.1 releease.
  • Due to continuing challenges presented by Apple development tools and a lack of suitable testing hardware, the decision has been made to DROP SUPPORT for PowerPC-based Macs and versions of Mac OS X prior to Snow Leopard (10.6). In other words, from now on, MacTerm will only work on Intel-based Macs that run Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8), or any system beyond that.
  • By dropping support for older systems and architectures, MacTerm is considerably smaller…less than half the size of any previous version! This build requires just 9.5 MB of disk space and it is also a faster download.