Older Releases

Changes in 2012

New in 20121129:

  • This is the LAST VERSION TO SUPPORT MAC OS X VERSIONS 10.3 - 10.5. Starting in 2013, only Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7) and Mountain Lion (10.8) and beyond will be supported.
  • Terminal search is now much faster for average searches and less prone to blocking (beachball cursor).

New in 20121119:

  • The "Session Ended" notification (for successful process exits) is no longer sent to Mac OS X because this event is frequent and it can be distracting when prominently displayed and logged by Notification Center. Growl continues to receive all events because it is more flexible; for instance, not all events from an application must be displayed in exactly the same way so it is easier to find a useful way to display "Session Ended" with Growl. Also note that "Session Failed" is a separate type of notification that continues to be sent to both Mac OS X and Growl.

New in 20121118:

  • Fixed a long delay in the creation of new terminal windows if scrollback buffer preferences had a large or "Unlimited" size.

New in 20121031:

  • Rename dialog now uses standard named buttons instead of the checkmark and "X" icon buttons.
  • Find dialog now uses standard named buttons instead of the checkmark and "X" icon buttons.
  • Find dialog status bar has a new appearance.

New in 20121014:

  • Fixed a possible crash when attempting to change screen formatting in various ways.

New in 20121004:

  • Animations now perform better if several are running at the same time.

New in 20121003:

  • VT220 keypad window now has a more sensible icon (magnifying glass) for its Find button.

New in 20120804:

  • Terminal view text double-clicks (to identify words) are now significantly smarter, particularly in the presence of punctuation marks and various kinds of imbalanced bracketing characters.

New in 20120802:

  • Terminal view colors for selecting text, highlighting search results and "blinking" have all been adjusted to suit the current Format better.
  • Preferences window Formats pane sample area now also shows the highlighting style for search results.

New in 20120727:

  • Notifications are now sent BOTH through Growl (if installed) and through the Mac OS X 10.8 Notification Center. Use either System Preferences or Growl's Preferences to turn off notifications from MacTerm in one of these services, otherwise you will see notifications appear in two different places.

New in 20120725:

  • Added Mountain Lion compatibility.

New in 20120701:

  • Sandboxing (restriction of default application privileges) is now available for users of Mac OS X 10.5 and beyond. It is currently experimental and off by default; it can only be enabled by setting an environment variable when running MacTerm. The entire default set of privileges can be seen in the file "MacTerm.app/Contents/Resources/Application.sb". Note that since sub-processes inherit sandbox restrictions, MacTerm may choose defaults that are too strict for the particular programs that you choose to run. See the "MacTerm.app/Contents/MacOS/MacTerm" front-end script for more information on enabling and customizing the sandbox.

New in 20120602:

  • Fixed Custom New Session sheet so that the window starts with the size and color scheme of the Default Session's associated Terminal and Format. Previously, the window size and colors were only corrected after the session began.
  • Fixed Custom New Session sheet so that the window resizes immediately when a Terminal configuration is selected from the menu (instead of only resizing after the session starts).

New in 20120530:

  • Fixed Preferences window Terminals pane Options tab to save settings properly.

New in 20120526:

  • Session Info status icons are now more detailed, especially on ultra-high-resolution displays.
  • Clipboard window minimum size has been reduced, allowing the window to take up less space.

New in 20120524:

  • "Nudge Window to the Right" and similar commands now automatically align windows that are close to screen edges.
  • "Nudge Window to the Right" and similar commands now support multiple displays. If a window is directly on a boundary between displays (e.g. because a previous nudge or mouse movement put it there) then a single nudge in the direction of an adjacent display moves the entire window to that display.

New in 20120520:

  • Fixed contextual menus in Full Screen mode to hide actions that should not be available.
  • Full Screen mode now includes "Exit Full Screen" as a contextual menu item.
  • "Print Screen…" is now also a contextual menu item.

New in 20120516:

  • Vector graphics now use a thinner line for drawing text in vector fonts.
  • Vector graphics now render lone pixels (not in lines) slightly differently.

New in 20120514:

  • Fixed vector graphics windows that were not displaying text labels in certain situations.
  • Vector graphics windows have been redone; lines are now rendered very smoothly.
  • Vector graphics can now be printed.
  • Vector graphics now include PDF versions when copied to the Clipboard, allowing other applications to use drawings at any size without degradation.
  • Vector graphics windows now enable Format items in the View menu so the foreground and background colors of a drawing may be changed. (The Default Format determines the initial colors, as before.) There is currently no way to customize any other colors that a drawing uses.

New in 20120412:

  • Fixed automatic positioning of pop-over windows so that windows are more likely to stay on the screen.

New in 20120327:

  • Fixed Full Screen exiting problem on older Mac OS X versions.
  • Full Screen "off switch" window is now only an icon and it occupies less screen space.

New in 20120303:

  • Fixed the mouse pointer shape in terminal windows.

New in 20120228:

  • MacTerm releases now contain a code signature.
  • Changed the artwork for the main application icon AGAIN, to add slightly more detail at larger sizes and to clean up the edges.

New in 20120206:

  • Fixed a problem where "Automatically enter Full Screen" (workspace preference) might not arrange windows correctly.

New in 20120121:

  • Changed the artwork for the main application icon and added a much larger rendering that is visible in certain places such as the Finder's Cover Flow view.

New in 20120117:

  • Fixed Full Screen mode so that the active terminal does not appear to cast a shadow on a neighboring display.

New in 20120102:

  • VT220 keypad window now uses a font to render icons; this looks better on high-resolution displays and reduces the disk space required for MacTerm.
  • VT220 keypad window now uses a larger font size for numbers and symbols.