Older Releases

Changes in 2010

New in 20101231:

  • In XTerm 256-color mode, the application now responds to the XTerm sequences that customize colors.
  • Changed color storage for terminal views, which makes blinking text animate more smoothly (among other things).

New in 20101221:

  • Fixed a launch failure on older Mac OS X versions; now more resilient if the built-in Growl.framework is unusable.

New in 20101129:

  • Fixed terminal views in various ways to slightly improve performance.

New in 20101128:

  • Fixed renderer to avoid unnecessary cursor refreshes, which was consuming CPU time.

New in 20101127:

  • Terminal search is no longer dynamic while certain patterns are being typed, such as leading whitespace.
  • Terminal search now accepts an empty query, which closes the search window and removes all search highlighting.

New in 20101126:

  • Added a new type of Growl notification for script errors, to make exceptions in user Python code more prominent.

New in 20101125:

  • Fixed terminal view double-clicks that would have no effect if the selection crossed the far right column.

New in 20101124:

  • Fixed terminal view double-clicks in scrollback rows.

New in 20101122:

  • Rendering of CP-437 (DOS character set) has been improved by adding Greek letters and other symbols.
  • Printing now automatically applies to the whole screen if no text is selected (though "Print Screen" is still available).
  • Terminal view text can now be double-clicked consistently to highlight entire words.
  • Terminal view whitespace can now be double-clicked to highlight all surrounding whitespace.
  • Added Terminal.on_seekword_call(func) to Quills, allowing Python code to define exactly what a double-click word is!

New in 20101120:

  • Fixed the appearance of the attention indicator on the application dock tile.

New in 20101115:

  • Fixed the insert-character and delete-character sequences of the VT102 emulator.

New in 20101028:

  • Fixed crash that was occurring recently when trying to use "Duplicate Session".

New in 20101026:

  • Fixed sessions spawned from Favorites, so settings such as screen size are copied from any associated Terminal.
  • Fixed sessions spawned from Favorites, so settings such as character set are copied from any associated Translation.
  • Fixed sessions spawned from macros, to use the correct workspace preferences.

New in 20101022:

  • Fixed Full Screen mode so that the "Disable Full Screen" floating window will not steal keyboard focus.

New in 20101011:

  • Clipboard window information pane has been adjusted slightly, to take up less space.
  • Clipboard window information pane now does a better job of handling truncated text.
  • Clipboard window minimum size has been reduced, so that the window can take up less space.

New in 20100928:

  • Fixed the "Start Speaking Text" contextual menu item to once again synthesize speech in the default system voice.

New in 20100919:

  • Fixed Clipboard window to reset the color, font and size when a selection of styled text is replaced by plain text.
  • Clipboard window now automatically chooses the Default Format's font to display selections of plain (unstyled) text.

New in 20100911:

  • Window menu items have been added for nudging the frontmost terminal window in any direction. Combined with the existing commands in the View menu for changing size, it is now possible to do terminal window layout entirely from the keyboard.

New in 20100910:

  • Clipboard window has been reimplemented using Cocoa, improving text/image views and avoiding window bugs.
  • Clipboard window now has a Finder-style information pane, showing what is known about the data that can be pasted.
  • Clipboard window now renders text much more accurately than before, and allows partial selections and dragging.
  • Clipboard window now allows the image and text displays to scroll.
  • Clipboard window size and position are once again saved and restored automatically.

New in 20100830:

  • Fixed session activity notifications to not open multiple alerts (or post multiple Growl notifications).

New in 20100829:

  • Fixed Session Info window to appear at startup only if it was visible the last time the application quit.
  • Fixed Clipboard window to appear at startup only if it was visible the last time the application quit.
  • Added Events.on_endloop_call(func) to Quills, allowing Python code to continue after the event loop terminates.

New in 20100826:

  • Fixed Session Info window double-clicks, so that selected terminal windows are also brought to the front.
  • Session Info window has been reimplemented using Cocoa, improving the table view and avoiding window bugs.
  • Session Info window Status column has been reduced to icon-only, with a help tag for textual status.
  • Session Info window toolbar icons have slightly changed.
  • Session Info window size and position are once again saved and restored automatically.

New in 20100806:

  • Preferences window Sessions pane Resource tab (and Custom New Session sheet) have slightly changed, to make remote connection setup clearer.

New in 20100801:

  • Fixed TEK graphics to actually respect preferences that set the mode: 4105 (color), 4014, or disabled.

New in 20100720:

  • Fixed a major bug with text highlighting in scrollback lines (Trac #39).
  • Fixed cases where text selections may not be drawn, such as when using "Select Entire Scrollback Buffer".
  • Fixed a case where a 2nd file capture may fail when the same file name is chosen.
  • Terminal search is now faster in certain situations.

New in 20100715:

  • Fixed remaining contextual menu items displayed in terminal windows.
  • Fixed the enabled state of the "Move to New Workspace" menu item.
  • Removed the "Contextual Help" item from contextual menus, which did not work properly anyway.
  • Preferences window General pane Options tab has a new setting to disable the multi-line Paste warning (Trac #38).

New in 20100714:

  • Fixed some of the contextual menu items displayed in terminal windows.
  • Terminal window tabs no longer have the up-arrow button to pop them out; instead, a contextual menu is provided (Trac #37).

New in 20100713:

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when terminal windows are closed.
  • Fixed Preferences window to no longer even allow name editing for Default items (since renaming will not work).
  • The Copy command now stores small text selections in multiple formats, to help with application interoperability (Trac #40).

New in 20100712:

  • Preferences window Workspaces pane now allows you to specify that multiple sessions should start at the same time.
  • The File menu now contains a section for opening multiple sessions, from any Workspace saved in Preferences.
  • The Default Workspace is now spawned at startup, instead of the session type from the command-N mapping. This means you can now spawn multiple windows automatically, or disable new windows entirely, using the Preferences window, Workspaces pane.
  • "Use tabs to arrange windows" can now be applied to specific Workspaces (in addition to Default).

New in 20100708:

  • Fixed a few minor problems that were causing console messages.

New in 20100707:

  • Fixed terminal window tabs so that keyboard rotation selects windows in tab order instead of chronological order.
  • Fixed terminal window tabs to start in the correct orientation, by using a new default Window Stacking Origin.
  • Fixed terminal window tabs to pop out at the correct location, instead of moving after becoming visible.
  • Fixed terminal window tabs so that the terminal window size can be reduced (as regular windows always allowed).
  • Terminal window tabs are now automatically resized if they do not all fit along the edge of the window.
  • Terminal window tabs will now reposition automatically when "Move to New Workspace" leaves a gap between tabs.

New in 20100617:

  • Fixed an initialization problem when the application was run from certain paths (like its disk image).

New in 20100608:

  • Fixed a possible crash when changing preferences (among other things), due to improper cleanup in closed terminals.

New in 20100607:

  • Fixed command line parser to compress whitespace, since commands like "telnet" will fail when given blank arguments.

New in 20100411:

  • A dead session can now be restarted if its window is still open, using the new "Restart Session" menu item (Trac #12). This obviously cannot preserve the state of the previously terminated process, but the scrollback is intact, and the command line is exactly the same.
  • Various internal improvements for the handling of command line parameters and session state.

New in 20100406:

  • Fixed a possible crash when opening certain menus while a terminated-but-still-open terminal window was frontmost.
  • Fixed Growl notifications, which were accidentally disabled several builds ago.

New in 20100403:

  • Fixed Full Screen mode to properly fill the display, instead of being limited to the ideal window size.
  • XTerm window and icon title sequences now accept longer strings.

New in 20100322:

  • Fixed handling of XTerm window and icon title sequences.

New in 20100321:

  • Fixed terminal text copying (and dragging) so that short wrapping lines do not strip the whitespace that joins the lines.

New in 20100225:

  • Fixed terminal window scroll bars, to work with any scrollback buffer size (Trac #36).

New in 20100224:

  • Fixed scrollback size preference to no longer wrap values that were larger than about 65000.

New in 20100223:

  • Fixed the URL opener to support the "https://" URL type.

New in 20100120:

  • Preferences window Formats pane Character Width setting may now be adjusted from 70% to 130%.

New in 20100117:

  • Fixed significant memory management problems; terminal windows no longer use memory after they are killed.
  • Terminal windows, when the "no window close on process exit" preference is set, now only stay open if the process exits by itself; a 2nd close will no longer be required when the user tries to close the window.