Older Releases

Changes in 2009

New in 20091222:

  • Terminal bells are now automatically ignored if they occur many times within a few seconds.
  • Some additional console output has been suppressed by default, unless enabled by the debugging interface.

New in 20091219:

  • Terminal windows will now warn the user (at most once) when an exceptional number of data errors have occurred.

New in 20091204:

  • Fixed Help to no longer mention certain preferences that were recently removed.

New in 20091130:

  • Fixed Window menu items to once again use italic text for hidden windows.

New in 20091128:

  • Printing commands are once again enabled on all Mac OS X versions, as the new Cocoa runtime solves the previous issues.
  • Preferences window General pane Options tab "Menu key equivalents" checkbox has been removed.
  • Preferences window General pane Options tab "Display macros menu" checkbox has been removed.
  • The internal preferences version has been changed to 4, and a few obsolete settings will be automatically deleted.

New in 20091127:

  • The application core and menus have been switched to Cocoa, though Carbon is still used for a number of windows.
  • Menu section titles now use a smaller font.
  • Dock menu has had minor tweaks.
  • Macros menu now displays help information while macros are disabled (by selecting None).
  • Macros menu now contains the macro-related commands that were previously in the Map menu.
  • Terminal view focus rings have been temporarily removed.

New in 20091102:

  • Disabled all printing commands on Leopard, Tiger and Panther, because a bug (fixed only in Snow Leopard) prevents Cocoa/Carbon hybrid applications from sending jobs to a printer without hanging.

New in 20091029:

  • Terminal views that use the VT102 base emulator will once again support some terminal-initiated printing sequences. For instance, it is now possible to print from "pine".

New in 20091020:

  • Fixed a problem that prevented the "Suspend (Scroll Lock)" toolbar item from resuming a suspended terminal.

New in 20091019:

  • Disabled all printing commands on Panther, because an unfortunate bug in that OS prevents Cocoa/Carbon hybrid applications from sending jobs to a printer without hanging.

New in 20091016:

  • Fixed an overlapping-tab problem that could occur on Snow Leopard.

New in 20091015:

  • Fixed a problem that could cause the print preview to be erased.

New in 20091014:

  • Fixed certain printing features to render more than one line to the printer!
  • Printing is now preceded by a special dialog for influencing text layout.
  • Printing now has intelligent defaults for portrait/landscape, text scaling, and font, based on the source terminal.
  • The "Page Setup…" menu command has been removed, as it is consolidated into the new layout dialog.
  • The "Print One Copy" menu command has been removed.
  • Terminal view contextual menus have new printing commands.

New in 20091005:

  • Fix that should prevent startup failures with Leopard on certain Macs.
  • Terminal view drawing performance has been significantly improved.

New in 20090930:

  • Fixed terminal view cursor to be twice the size when placed on double-height lines.

New in 20090929:

  • Fixed a possible crash when closing the Custom Format sheet.
  • New low-level preference "terminal-image-normal-background-url" (string, in Formats), to give terminal views a background image. This feature is experimental, there are minor display glitches when using it.

New in 20090928:

  • Fixed some cases where the scrollback buffer could grow larger than its specified maximum number of lines.

New in 20090926:

  • Fixed accidental clear of the terminal in certain situations, such as inserting lines in a text editor (Trac #35).

New in 20090923:

  • Fixed a possible crash if a Paste was done too quickly after copying text from another application.

New in 20090917:

  • Fixed a possible crash that depended on the current state of the system-wide Clipboard.

New in 20090916:

  • Fixed drag and drop of single files or directories, to type the equivalent pathname text.
  • Dragging multiple files and/or folders into a terminal now works; a single line of space-delimited, escaped pathnames is produced.

New in 20090915:

  • Fixed the dimming of background terminals to also apply dimming to the color of the matte.
  • The "Quills" Python module has been renamed to the more Pythonic lowercase name, "quills".

New in 20090914:

  • Fixed problems with terminal views appearing to have the keyboard focus, when they did not.
  • Terminal view focus rings now appear around the edge of the matte, for a cleaner look that does not clash with colors.

New in 20090912:

  • Internal improvements to the efficiency of streaming to terminal capture files.
  • Capture files now contain an explicit byte-order mark, to help some text editors automatically identify the encoding.

New in 20090910:

  • Fixed terminal view text selections to use the right mouse region even after scrolling within the main screen.

New in 20090905:

  • The Tall variant has been redefined as 80 x 40, to be more useful on small displays.

New in 20090901:

  • Preferences window Workspaces pane icon is now more detailed. The Session Info window toolbar also uses this icon.
  • Preferences window Terminals pane icon is slightly improved. The Session Info window and Window menu also use this icon.

New in 20090831:

  • Fixed display problems that could appear when the Find sheet was used on Snow Leopard.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in the previous build, where sheet changes could occasionally be ignored.
  • A help tag now appears above the cursor in the terminal window when its output is being redirected to a graphics window.
  • Help now has a direct link on its front page for setting up tabbed terminal windows.

New in 20090830:

  • Preferences window Formats pane now provides checkboxes that allow settings to inherit from existing (or Default) values.

New in 20090828:

  • Added Snow Leopard compatibility.

New in 20090823:

  • Custom Screen Size dialog is now internally identical to the Preferences window Terminals pane Screen tab. As such, it is now possible to change scrollback characteristics from the sheet.

New in 20090816:

  • Session Info window is now displayed or activated with the renamed "Session Info" command.

New in 20090815:

  • Menu commands for Emacs key mappings and local page controls are no longer restricted to VT220 terminals.

New in 20090814:

  • Fixed meta key mapping to correctly trigger a meta sequence in Emacs.
  • Preferences window Sessions pane Keyboard tab is now fully implemented.
  • Custom Key Sequences dialog is now internally identical to the Preferences window Sessions pane Keyboard tab.
  • The "Emacs Cursor" arrow mapping settings have expanded in meaning to include several standard Mac modifiers for editing; for instance, option-right-arrow now sends the Emacs command for moving one word, and command-down-arrow sends the command for moving to the end of the buffer.
  • The more common contemporary spelling "Emacs" is now used wherever it appears, instead of the original "EMACS".

New in 20090813:

  • Fixed default control key preferences to be the fallback for all sessions, including shells.

New in 20090806:

  • Fixed control key settings in the Preferences window Sessions pane Keyboard tab.

New in 20090805:

  • Fixed certain views that were not responding to window resizes, in the Preferences window Sessions pane.

New in 20090804:

  • Terminal view scroll bars now have tick marks during searches, showing the scrollback positions of all matching words.
  • Fixed the "do not dim background terminal text" preference.

New in 20090803:

  • Fixed crashes on Panther when opening the Preferences window.

New in 20090802:

  • Fixed clipping problems for various checkboxes in the Preferences window.

New in 20090731:

  • New low-level preference for changing the preferred line endings of capture files.

New in 20090728:

  • Find dialog no longer initiates a live search for a single character, although this search can be initiated using the button.

New in 20090725:

  • View menu now contains commands for adjusting the terminal screen size incrementally.
  • Terminal view screen width can now be changed with the vertical scroll wheel and the Option and Command keys.
  • Terminal view screen width can now be changed with the horizontal scroll wheel and the Option key.
  • Terminal view screen height can now be changed with the vertical scroll wheel and the Option key.

New in 20090716:

  • Fixed major rendering performance problems created in recent builds.
  • Fixed interpretation problems with certain XTerm window title sequences.

New in 20090714:

  • Fixed certain rendering problems with double-sized text, such as the handling of tab stops and cursor wrapping.

New in 20090707:

  • Terminal view text size can now be changed with the scroll wheel and the Control key, similar to applications like Firefox.

New in 20090706:

  • Preferences window Workspaces pane has been simplified, as there are future plans to rely primarily on an arrangement panel.

New in 20090618:

  • Preferences window Workspaces pane now available, though most settings of this new class are not yet functional.
  • "Use tabs to arrange windows" preference has been moved to the new Workspaces pane.
  • Preferences window Scripts pane has been removed.

New in 20090616:

  • Scroll bar thumb is now forced to remain a relatively useful size, even when there are hundreds of scrollback lines.

New in 20090613:

  • Fixed a corner case where an invalid scrolling region could crash the terminal.

New in 20090609:

  • New low-level preference for setting a column at which to render a thin margin line.
  • Preferences window General pane Notifications tab "Margin bell" checkbox has been removed.

New in 20090608:

  • Full Screen will now fill up to 2 displays, with the most-recently-selected window on each display.
  • Preferences window Full Screen pane now has a "Show window frame" option, which is checked by default.

New in 20090604:

  • Fixed problems copying selected text that crosses from the scrollback to the main screen buffer.

New in 20090603:

  • Fixed a terminal bug introduced by the recent XTerm-related changes, that could affect the Formats panel.
  • Preferences window Sessions pane Data Flow tab now contains Scrolling Speed, instead of the Terminals pane.

New in 20090601:

  • Preferences window Terminals pane now shows Emulation by default; the Options pane is last since it is not commonly used.

New in 20090531:

  • Fixed XTerm sequences to once again allow the terminal window or icon title to be changed by a program.

New in 20090529:

  • Fixed terminal search highlighting to cover the correct ranges even if the scrollback is showing (Trac #26).
  • Fixed initialization to remove startup-time variable settings from the environment of launched sessions.
  • The environment variables TERM_PROGRAM and TERM_PROGRAM_VERSION are now defined, as other Mac terminals have done.

New in 20090523:

  • The "Simplified user interface" option has been removed to eliminate internal complexity; so all menus are now visible.

New in 20090522:

  • Help now includes a tutorial on how to use serial ports (via "screen").
  • Terminal window tabs can now be hovered over to display their full window titles (when Show Help Tags is on).

New in 20090521:

  • Fixed major wrapping bug that could cause full-screen programs such as "screen", "pine" and "emacs" to scroll up.
  • Fixed some corner cases in previous builds, so NOW the terminal cursor properly renders in visible colors against any background.

New in 20090517:

  • Terminal view cursor is now properly inverted when covering inverted text.

New in 20090515:

  • Added a hidden preference (accessible through the "defaults" program) to set the preferred window edge for tabs.
  • Help expanded to describe more low-level preference keys, including those of macro sets.

New in 20090510:

  • Fixed enabling/disabling of menu items representing Preferences collections.

New in 20090509:

  • Macro importing has been restored, though only implicitly by opening a ".macros" file from the Finder.

New in 20090507:

  • Added Prefs class instance to Quills, allowing basic collections of settings to be managed from Python.
  • Added Prefs.define_macro() to Quills, allowing macros to be set from Python.
  • Added Prefs.set_current_macros() to Quills, allowing the current macro set to be changed from Python.

New in 20090506:

  • Terminal view cursor now attempts to render with knowledge of actual colors at its position (such as custom ANSI colors).

New in 20090505:

  • Fixed certain terminal scrolling problems introduced in the build from yesterday.

New in 20090504:

  • Fixed Terminal view text display for characters that could technically be decomposed Unicode; for instance, an accented character represented by a letter and accent sequence now correctly offsets the cursor by one character cell instead of two.
  • Fixed file opens to properly handle extensions, so file type and creator are no longer implicitly required.
  • Fixed Terminal window resizes to no longer change the application-defined scrolling region, when in origin mode.
  • Fixed VT100 emulator cursor movement to not leave the scrolling region, when in origin mode.
  • Fixed VT100 emulator cursor position report to return numbers relative to the scrolling region, when in origin mode.
  • Terminal speed has been significantly improved by using inline buffers for Unicode translation.

New in 20090428:

  • Fixed Terminal view text selection behavior in various ways.

New in 20090423:

  • Fixed Terminal window scroll bars to no longer disappear for large scrollback sizes.

New in 20090411:

  • Help now includes a tutorial on how to make typical BBS games (or MUDs) work properly.

New in 20090410:

  • Terminal window text selections are now exposed to system-wide Services, allowing (for instance) a synthesizer to speak selected text, or the Finder to reveal a file or folder when its path is selected.

New in 20090409:

  • The base VT100 emulator now supports ANSI save/restore cursor sequences, necessary to properly play some BBS games.
  • Several additional graphics characters now have high-quality renderings.

New in 20090408:

  • Fixed various border glitches in rendering graphics character cells.
  • Several graphics now have high-quality renderings, which can be seen when using Translations such as Latin-US (DOS).
  • Help style changed slightly to be more compact.

New in 20090407:

  • Preferences window Sessions pane Resource tab (and Custom New Session sheet) now allow a default Translation association.

New in 20090406:

  • The "Window Stacking Origin" preference is now set using a sample window, instead of text fields.
  • The Session Info and Preferences windows now have more intelligent behavior when Spaces is in use.

New in 20090404:

  • Graphics characters previously limited to VT100 will now render wherever they are requested (such as, when a Translation like "Latin-US (DOS)" asks for line drawing).

New in 20090402:

  • Fixed Custom New Session sheet to start with keyboard focus on the command line.
  • Fixed or polished various bits of code related to starting processes and terminals.
  • Session exits are now handled more cleanly, with a modeless alert if a process has exited with nonzero status or a crashing signal.
  • Growl notification "Session ended" is now available, to find out about normal process exits.
  • Growl notification "Session failed" is now available, to find out about unexpected process exits (and to quell the default alert).
  • Help now has a section on the available Growl notifications.

New in 20090330:

  • Preferences window Sessions pane Resource tab (and Custom New Session sheet) are now simpler, and use a separate panel for servers.
  • Automatically-discovered services (via Bonjour) may now be used, from the new Servers panel!

New in 20090312:

  • Preferences window Formats pane Character Width slider now uses "live" tracking.

New in 20090307:

  • Preferences window Formats pane now has a Character Width setting, useful when a font has an undesirable default cell width.

New in 20090306:

  • Quills.Session APIs now have proper exception protection, translating into Python exceptions where appropriate.
  • Fixed Quills.Session.pseudo_terminal_device_name() API to no longer return an empty string.
  • Fixed Quills.Session.resource_location_string() API to no longer return an empty string.
  • Fixed Quills.Session.state_string() API to no longer return an empty string.

New in 20090303:

  • Removed the splash screen.

New in 20090301:

  • Terminal views now respect specified text translations, though the renderer cannot display every character yet.
  • Fixed an incorrect mapping for the Enter key which could cause an Interrupt Process to be sent.

New in 20090223:

  • Full Screen mode now respects the "Terminal Resize Effect" preference; and, as with resizes, the Option key switches behavior.

New in 20090221:

  • Fixed Terminal window "end" keypresses to properly scroll to the bottom (just as "home" has always scrolled to the beginning).
  • Fixed Preferences window General pane to now save the "No automatic new windows" setting.
  • Automatic new windows (such as, at startup time) now use the command-N mapping to decide what to do.
  • Custom Translation sheet is now implemented, however terminals currently ignore the setting (pending other code changes).

New in 20090213:

  • Fixed various bugs in the Preferences window Translations pane.

New in 20090207:

  • Added Terminal.set_dumb_string_for_char(int, str) to Quills, allowing Python to define how a dumb terminal renders a character.
  • Removed Terminal.dumb_strings_init(func) from Quills, replacing with pure Python code in the front end.
  • Quills no longer "loses" exceptions raised from either Python or C++.

New in 20090204:

  • Terminal windows in Full Screen mode no longer leave space between the window frame and the screen edges.
  • The "telnet" URL handler now includes a -K (no-automatic-login) option, for consistency with other things that spawn telnet sessions.
  • Fixed the Full Screen "off switch" window.

New in 20090202:

  • Preferences window Sessions pane Resource tab (and Custom New Session sheet) now allow a default Format association.

New in 20090201:

  • Terminals now have 256 colors, but an application might only use them if Identity ($TERM) is set to "xterm-256color".

New in 20090112:

  • Custom Format sheet now has an "Add to Preferences" button, allowing window fonts/colors to be quickly saved as a new collection.
  • Several new startup lines have been added, and the incorrect version string was removed from the rotation.

New in 20090109:

  • Fixed Window menu session items to display the proper icons and marks.
  • Fixed Window menu bug where choosing a session menu item would sometimes activate the wrong session.

New in 20090108:

  • Help now uses a slightly different style for table views, to improve readability.

New in 20090101:

  • Terminal view drag-and-drop now uses the same implementation as Paste, allowing such things as Multi-Line Paste warnings.