Older Releases

Changes in 2007

New in 20071231:

  • Fixed window review on Quit to automatically show hidden sessions instead of ignoring them.

New in 20071230:

  • Terminal views now support a focus-follows-mouse General preference.
  • Fixed initialization of certain settings when creating a brand new preferences file.

New in 20071229:

  • Fixed terminal activity notification, allowing you to watch for new data arriving in inactive windows.
  • Terminal inactivity notification is now available, allowing you to watch for sessions that become idle.
  • Session Info window icons are now updated when activity or inactivity notifications occur.
  • Notifications now display a new style of modeless alert window similar to those used by file copies in the Finder.

New in 20071227:

  • Preferences command now correctly responds to its key equivalent even if the mouse has never hit the application menu.

New in 20071225:

  • Internal improvements to sessions to set a foundation for better text translation.
  • Fixed Paste, for both 8-bit and 16-bit Unicode sources (that can be translated).
  • Using Paste with multi-line Clipboard text now displays a warning with an option to form one line before proceeding.

New in 20071221:

  • Fixed ANSI color rendering.
  • Preferences window resize box now has a transparent look on most panels.

New in 20071219:

  • This build should once again support Panther, Tiger and Leopard.

New in 20071204:

  • Fixed scroll bars in terminal windows to allow the indicator to be dragged.

New in 20071119:

  • Added an optional argument to set the working directory of new Sessions in the Quills API.
  • Added a box to set the matte color in the Format preferences panel.
  • Preferences window Macros pane now has an option to display the active macro set in a menu.

New in 20071104:

  • Internal changes to make the application run properly on Leopard.

New in 20071103:

  • Added support for the file URL type. The default behavior is to run "emacs" in file browser mode.

New in 20071023:

  • Show IP Addresses command now displays a more sophisticated dialog with a proper list view for addresses.
  • Show IP Addresses dialog now allows addresses to be copied to the Clipboard individually.

New in 20071022:

  • Terminal window tabs now recognize drags, automatically switching tabs when the mouse moves over them.

New in 20071019:

  • Terminal window toolbars now have a Bell item option. Clicking it will enable *or* disable the terminal bell.
  • Renamed the "Disable Bell" command to simply "Bell", which also inverts the state of its checkmark.
  • Preferences window collections drawer further tweaked to align in an aesthetically pleasing way with tabs.
  • Custom Screen Size dialog arrows now increment and decrement by 4 for columns, and 10 for rows.
  • Changed View menu items showing columns-by-rows, to use the Unicode X-like symbol for times instead of an X.

New in 20071015:

  • Fixed the Interrupt Process command to send the interrupt character to the active session.
  • Preferences window General pane now correctly displays cursor shapes.
  • Preferences window General pane now uses Unicode text for cursor shapes instead of icon images.

New in 20071013:

  • Changed the artwork for the main application icon and other icons showing terminals.

New in 20071011:

  • Added an icon for the Translations preference category.

New in 20071010:

  • Fixed line truncation during operations such as Copy and drag-and-drop.
  • Fixed word and line highlighting for double-clicks and triple-clicks.

New in 20071006:

  • Internal improvements to the code (removing some compile warnings, etc.).

New in 20070929:

  • Fixed cases where size-change commands were ineffective in one terminal resize mode but not the other.

New in 20070918:

  • Terminal view backgrounds now have a user interface for changing the color, via menu or contextual menu.
  • Session Info window toolbar items rearranged in customization sheet, so that Customize is not hidden.

New in 20070908:

  • Fixed a few possible crash conditions.
  • Redesigned the Find icon on the VT220 keypad.
  • Key palettes now have a 5 pixel padding between buttons and the window edge.

New in 20070906:

  • Preferences window collections drawer is now below the toolbar to show that it affects only one category.
  • Preferences window General pane now has correctly sized tab content.
  • Preferences window Sessions pane now has correctly sized tab content.
  • Terminal views and backgrounds now support a more complete set of accessibility attributes.
  • Terminal view backgrounds now have an accessibility role of "matte".
  • Terminal view drag highlight now uses Core Graphics for a smoother display.

New in 20070827:

  • Terminal windows now support tabs, accessible through a new General preference.
  • Added Move to New Workspace command (available only when using tabs) to move tabs into separate groups.

New in 20070424:

  • Session Info window list selections can now be the target of session-related menu bar commands.

New in 20070224:

  • New, high-quality icons for the VT220 keypad window.

New in 20070220:

  • Keys menu renamed to Map, which is more accurate; also renamed some of the items in the menu.
  • Session Info window toolbars may now have "Arrange All Windows in Front".

New in 20070212:

  • Added placeholder Fix Character command.

New in 20070207:

  • A new, simpler look for Help.
  • Internal changes to improve the Help build system.

New in 20070124:

  • Fixed a case where terminal windows could open with toolbar focus instead of terminal keyboard focus.

New in 20070109:

  • Fixed VT52-mode cursor positioning.

New in 20070108:

  • Preferences window resizes now remembered per category, so choosing a panel will restore its window size.
  • Interrupt now correctly resets the Suspend Network flag.
  • Interrupt now displays a help tag above the cursor instead of writing text into the terminal.
  • Suspend now displays a help tag above the cursor instead of writing text into the terminal.
  • Resume now hides the Interrupt or Suspend help tag instead of writing text into the terminal.
  • Internal changes to old QuickDraw code based on Apple recommendations for Intel compatibility.

New in 20070107:

  • Compiled as a Universal Application (for Intel Macs). The Intel version has NOT been tested yet!

New in 20070103:

  • Identified a possible crash when switching the Window Resize Affects preference. No fix is available yet.
  • Corrected possible parsing problem when entering URLs containing whitespace into the command line.
  • Internal changes to separate URL parsing code from handling code, which also simplifies tests.
  • Internal changes to make Python files have very unique names, avoiding risk of import collisions.
  • Internal changes to unit testing code, to make it cleaner and easier to filter modules.