Older Releases

Changes in 2006

New in 20061227:

  • Updated color box buttons to use Core Graphics natively.
  • Drag-and-drop highlight now respects the Graphite appearance setting, if applicable.

New in 20061224:

  • Open Session dialog no longer crashes if Cancel is chosen.
  • Open Session dialog now supports more than one file at the same time.
  • Tall (80 x 48) pre-defined size added to the View menu.
  • Color boxes in the Format preferences panel now properly display a color.
  • Color boxes in the Format preferences panel (ANSI Colors tab) can now change the color when clicked.
  • Internal changes to avoid some memory copies in a few instances, for efficiency.

New in 20061127:

  • Internally, removed a lot of legacy and transitional cruft for handling the menu bar.
  • Menus are now implemented in the normal way as a single NIB file.
  • The Network menu has been removed; various menu items moved to different menus.
  • New "Action" menu, a redundant menu interface to make commands easy to find by task!

New in 20061113:

  • Terminal is now properly focused for text input when opened via the New Session sheet.
  • Fixed a possible crash condition when selecting text.
  • Internal changes to prevent needless reconstruction of the Python interface during builds.

New in 20061110:

  • Fixed visual synchronization of changes in New Session dialog with the command line field.
  • More section names in Preferences window now use a bold font (like Keynote and Pages do).
  • Redesigned the Format preferences panel.
  • Minor renaming of items in the Full Screen preferences panel.
  • Arbitrarily reduced the default window size of Session Info.

New in 20061107:

  • Terminal view cursor blinking works once again.
  • Fixed a problem with the mouse cursor changing when pointing just outside a selection.
  • Internal changes to allow ANSI-BBS terminal type to be supported in the future.

New in 20061105:

  • Terminal views now hide the cursor whenever scrollback lines are displayed.
  • Window hiding no longer fails for windows that were redisplayed under certain conditions.
  • Window hiding animation has been sped up, because it is still synchronous.
  • Window hiding seems to cause a session to be ignored during quitting time reviews; there is no fix yet.
  • Preferences panel for Sessions now has functional DNS lookup on the Resource tab.

New in 20061101:

  • Some problems with scrollback function and display are now fixed.
  • Section names in dialogs and in the Preferences window now use a bold font (like Keynote and Pages do).
  • Various bits of internal code cleanup.

New in 20061030:

  • Fixed problems with renaming items in the collections drawer of the Preferences window.
  • Fixed problems with adding and removing items in the collections drawer of the Preferences window.

New in 20061029:

  • Once again supporting rlogin URLs.
  • Updated property list so the Finder, etc. realizes the application can handle a number of different types of URLs.
  • Once again printing random biline text on the splash screen. However, it is now localizable.
  • Internal changes to put the application core and generated Python API into a framework called Quills.framework.
  • Internal changes to put Python-based portions of the application into a separate framework.
  • Minor corrections to Help.

New in 20061028:

  • More than any other release so far, this build shows off the true power of the new Quills interface in Python!
  • Added Session.on_urlopen_call(func, schema) to Quills, allowing Python functions to respond to URL requests.
  • Added Session.stop_urlopen_call(func, schema) to Quills, to mirror Session.on_urlopen_call().
  • Reimplemented every URL handler as Python code, greatly simplifying both implementation and maintenance.
  • Added a series of doctest testcases to validate all URL handling code.
  • Renamed Quills API Session.on_new_ignore() to Session.stop_new_call().

New in 20061027:

  • Added support for the x-man-page URL type. For example, "x-man-page://ls" or "x-man-page://3/printf".
  • Cursor shape preferences are once again respected.
  • Corrected glitch in rendering lower right edges of inactive selection outlines.

New in 20061026:

  • Fixed position of inactive text selection outlines in terminal views.
  • Internal change to fix to cursor positioning code in renderer.

New in 20061025:

  • Help has received several minor corrections and other edits.
  • Jump Scrolling menu item now has a help tag.
  • Internal changes to add icon identifiers to a central registry.
  • Internal changes to allow a terminal view to not render a focus ring, if a special flag is set.

New in 20061024:

  • Terminal window toolbars now have a Full Screen item option. Clicking it will start *or* end Full Screen.
  • Zoom effect for hiding windows now more accurately approximates the location of the Window menu title.

New in 20061023:

  • Added keys for the 5 Full Screen preferences to DefaultPreferences.plist.
  • Updated the Preferences window interface to properly save and restore the Full Screen checkboxes.
  • Full Screen now respects the menu bar visibility preference.
  • Full Screen menu bar checkbox label changed to more accurately show its effect.
  • Full Screen now respects the scroll bar visibility preference.
  • Full Screen now respects the Force Quit availability preference.
  • Full Screen now respects the off-switch visibility preference.
  • Full Screen is now usually disabled automatically if the terminal window closes (some quirks remain here).