Version 3.0 Features

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Development of this version has stopped.  Only the modern macOS version (MacTerm) is being actively maintained.

MacTelnet 3.0 for Classic Mac OS is very useful for telnet and FTP, and is an accurate terminal:

VT100, VT102, VT220
Excellent terminal emulators ensure many remote applications run exactly as they should.  MacTelnet also supports some common extensions like XTerm window effects and ANSI.SYS colors.
TEK 4014, TEK 4105
Vector graphics languages.
Unparalleled ease of use
Drag-and-drop, Undo, floating command line window, floating keypads (control keys, VT220 keys, etc.), Balloon Help, and a host of useful preferences.
Key control
Basic remapping options, character set translations, and sophisticated macros.
Window management, terminal configurations, AppleScript, and more.
A simple server built in.

(Note that MacTelnet has also been ported to modern macOS as MacTerm, with many new capabilities.)

MacTelnet is Free Software Under the GPL

MacTelnet is free software; you are welcome to change it and/or distribute copies under certain conditions.  There is absolutely no warranty for MacTelnet.  See the GNU General Public License (as published by the Free Software Foundation) for details.

The source code for this project is available; see the parent page.