For Developers

MacTerm is not only an application, it is a platform for creating your own software.

Text-based terminal applications

MacTerm accurately supports a family of VT terminals (VT100 ANSI, VT100 in VT52 mode, VT220, and to an extent XTerm).

General terminal programming resources:
A fantastic source of manuals, and more, for various VT terminals.
GNU ncurses library
An abstraction allowing text screen programs to achieve terminal effects in a way that is independent of the actual emulator being used.
Python curses library
One of the simplest ways to interact with terminals, using a library built into a scripting environment.

If you have a terminal emulation test case that does not work correctly with MacTerm (and does in some other terminal), please submit a bug report so that MacTerm may be improved.

Scripted extensions to MacTerm

MacTerm has a small but evolving API for scripting, known as Quills, covered in detail on the Quills page.  The API uses the Python programming language.

Quills is very flexible; you can set up callbacks so that MacTerm visits your code only as needed, or you can write sequential scripts that perform a task without even using a GUI.

The hooks are powerful enough that many parts of MacTerm are written in pure Python, using Quills itself!

MacTerm source code

See the source code page for more information.