Bugs or New Features

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Reporting Options

This Helps?

Yes!  Please submit reports, they help more than you may expect:

What About “Send Bugs to Apple”?

Believe it or not, this isn’t that helpful; Apple does not share bug reports sent this way (although they may fix the OS in a way that eventually affects MacTerm).  It is still better to submit bugs directly for MacTerm.

Useful Things to Include in Bug Reports

While any report is useful, here are some guidelines for what makes a good report:

Finding Crash Logs

Once enabled, logs appear in Home ➞ Library ➞ Logs ➞ DiagnosticReports.  Look for files that begin with “MacTerm” and include the most recent one when reporting a crashing bug.

The Finder does not show the Library folder by default.  To see it, hold down the Option key while opening the Go menu in the Finder.