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Reporting Options

Why Do This?

Software can be used in many different ways and it is not possible for any one person to encounter every situation.  In other words, your message may be the first time that we know about an issue, even if it seems “obvious” that we would have seen it.

It’s important to be specific, as the details are often crucial for replicating or even understanding a problem.  See “Useful Things to Include in Bug Reports” below.

Please do not worry about reporting something we may have seen before.  In fact, seeing many reports about the same problem can help when finding a complete solution.

You may request a quick fix, and every effort is made to solve problems immediately.  Note however that the nature of a problem (or other factors) sometimes prevents issues from being solved right away.

And lastly, since MacTerm is free, the only real way to “pay” for it is by helping out.  If you spend a moment to identify problems that you face, the project is better for it!

Useful Things to Include in Bug Reports

Finding Crash Logs

Once enabled, logs appear in Home ➞ Library ➞ Logs ➞ DiagnosticReports.  Look for files that begin with “MacTerm” and include the most recent one when reporting a crashing bug.

The Finder does not show the Library folder by default.  To see it, hold down the Option key while opening the Go menu in the Finder.