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I am originally from Canada, and I moved to the United States.  Immigrants are responsible for work on all kinds of things you love, and everyone should recognize the important contributions made by people from different countries, coming together.

Software has been my hobby for a very long time, about 30 years.  I have spent about half of that time employed as a computer engineer.  My projects have spanned many languages and platforms.  The largest projects have been the MacTerm terminal emulator, the game “Celtreos™”, and various CAD tools for microprocessor design.  I completed a Master’s degree in 2016 that exposed me to a variety of modern computing technologies and techniques, and my final project was to create a research tool for a biology lab.  I have worked in a scoliosis research group, contributed to the on-board logic for an autonomous robot, created graphics editors, and built programming tools, among other experiences.

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